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MOFARREH MARZOUQ AL-HARBI & PARTNERS COMPANY LIMITED which is also identified as MMAH opened and established its business operations in the year 1977. Since its inception and expansion of structure MMAH is formed to literally focus on the segments comprising the developments involving Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Telecom, Mining, On-shore, Off-shore, Rental Equipments, landscaping, Real Estates and many others as defined below in the range of services offer by us. MMAH has completed more than 200 diverse projects in last three decades with the likes of Saudi Aramco, Maaden, Royal Commission, Bechtel, Sabic, Saudi Kayan, Flour Arabia, Sinopec, SNC-Lavalin, Petrofac, Worley Parsons, multinational and local companies.


The Company has well qualified staffs and skilled workers renowned for their years of experience and hardworking abilities. MMAH also owns modern fleet of equipment with advanced technology to challenge all construction needs. Moreover the resources strength can be doubled whenever required through pre-approved competent and professional Sub-contractors and reliable partners.


The Company premises, located at Dammam, occupy an area of 150,000square meters and comprise the Head Office Setup, Central Stores, Electromechanical Division, Interiors Division, Engineering Division, Project Management Division, Estimation & Cost Control Division, Mechanical Division, HS&E Division, Quality Control Division and relevant business operational divisions.


The Company is proud to state that MMAH was the first Contracting Company signed up as a Main Contractor in Saudi Arabia to undertake the massive project in the remote zone of Rub-Al-Khali with Sino Saudi Arabia Ltd., for the support and construction of access road to facilitate the exploration of gas and oil for Saudi Aramco.


MMAH has achieved accreditation to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.


The Company is contributing positively to the community by adopting new construction systems, engaging in benevolent activities like encouraging local talent by way of training qualified national engineers and sponsoring from time to time academic research work conducted by local academic institutions related to the construction activity.


The Company has set its belief to the motto “Together we can succeed!




Projects Completed and Ongoing


List of all completed and ongoing projects within the last 7 years, which are related to prescribed scope of work.


# Project Type Project Title Award Date Completion Date Status (Completed/On going) LSTK/ LSPB/ other Prime or Sub- Contract Location (Country & City)
1 Site Preparation Temporary Facilities Underground Utilities Umm Wu’al Phosphate Project – Phosphogypsum Stack System 26-May-15 Jul-16 Ongoing LSPB Prime Saudi Arabia Umm Wu’al, Turaif
2 Site Preparation Roads Temporary Facilities Marine Infrastructure Manifa Causeway Field Projects August, 2008 June, 2011 Completed PC Subcontractor Saudi Arabia, Manifa
3 Site Preparation Roads Underground Utilities Temporary Facilities Site Development Area B, Stage 1 November 03, May-17 Ongoing PC Prime Saudi Arabia,
2013 Ras Al Khair
4 Site Preparation Roads Underground Utilities Temporary Facilities Site Development Area B, Stage 2 7-Jul-14 Jul-17 Ongoing PC Prime Saudi Arabia,
Ras Al Khair
5 Site Preparation Roads Underground Utilities Temporary Facilities Developing of Mutrafiah Stage 2011 May-16 Completed PC Prime Saudi Arabia, Mutrafiah, Jubail
6 Site Preparation Civil Early Works October 26, April, 2012 Completed LSPB Prime Saudi Arabia,
Temporary Facilities 2010 Ras Az Zawr
7 Site Preparation Roads Underground Utilities Umm Wu’al Phosphate Project-Early Site Preparation September 23, 2013 May-14 Completed LSLB Prime Saudi Arabia, Umm Wu’al, Turaif
8 Site Preparation Roads Jubail University College Infrastructure May, 2008 Jul-05 Completed PC Prime Saudi Arabia, Jubail
9 Site Preparation Gypsum Stacking Materials MH3 January, 2009 October, 2010 Completed LSPB Prime Saudi Arabia,
Ras Az Zawr
10 Site Preparation Roads EPC-Northern, Western Access Road 27-Apr-09 January, 2011 Completed LSPB Prime Saudi Arabia,
& Street Lighting Ras Az Zawr
11 Site Preparation Roads Highway Roads & Bridges Rabigh II – EPC Roads (ROD) 8-Jul-12 November, 2014 Completed EPC Prime Saudi Arabia, Rabigh II
12 Roads Mining Services Contract for the Kaolin and Bauxite Mine Az Zabriah October 23, October 23, Ongoing LSPB Prime Saudi Arabia,
2012 Jul-05 Az Zabriah
13 Site Preparation Tanajib, Manifa 18” Water Pipeline Project July, 2010 November, 2010 Completed LSPB Prime Saudi Arabia, Tanajib, Manifa
14 Site Preparation Roads RAZMIC Heavy Haul Road Project January, 2011 June, 2011 Completed LSPB Prime Saudi Arabia,
Ras Az Zawr
15 Roads Underground Utilities Ma’aden Aluminum Rolling Mill Project 21-Apr-12 November, 2014 Completed PC Prime Saudi Arabia,
Ras Al Khair
16 Site Preparation Mine & Refinery Bulk Earthworks November, 2011 June, 2012 Completed LSPB Prime Saudi Arabia,
Ras Al Khair
17 Site Preparation Temporary Facilities Mine Security Fencing Works 27-Jun-14 May-15 Completed LSPB Prime Saudi Arabia,  Al Ba’itha
18 Site Preparation Ma’aden Village Site Preparation November, 2007 July, 2008 Completed LSPB Prime Saudi Arabia,
Ras Az Zawr
19 Site Preparation Roads SWCC Ras Az Zawr Desalination Plant Phase I January, 2011 February, 2012 Completed LSPB Prime Saudi Arabia,
Ras Az Zawr
20 Site Preparation Roads Site Preparation & Access Roads October, 2008 May, 2009 Completed LSPB Prime Saudi Arabia, Jubail
21 Site Preparation Rabigh II – IK EPC for Common Utilities and Tank Farm – Earthworks March 10, September, 2013 Completed PC Prime Saudi Arabia, Rabigh II
& Soil Improvement 2013
22 Site Preparation Underground Utilities Ma’aden Site Drainage System June, 2009 January, 2010 Completed LSPB Prime Saudi Arabia,
Al Jalamid



Key Definition:


Contracting Strategy Description


Lump-Sum Procure-Build type contracts where the contractor is responsible for procurement, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning-support. Design is provided by third party.


Lump-Sum Turn-Key type contracts, where the contractor is responsible for engineering, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning-support. Engineering is subcontracted to third-party


Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management where the contractor performs in-house engineering and procurement. Construction can be performed by a construction contractor managed by an EPC contractor, or is acting as the EPC contractor.
PC Procure-Build contractor only, not owning an in-house detailed design and engineering capabilities.


Core Values

  • Success– We will operate a performance-driven, commercially successful business. Success to us means providing strong returns and consistently delivering quality projects safely for satisfied clients.


  • Safety – We will not compromise in providing our employees and others under our care with a safe and healthy working environme We will ensure that we send everyone home safely at the end of each working day and will make our safety performance a competitive advantage.


  • SolutionsWe aim to develop innovative, sustainable solutions for our clients and will deliver on the promises we make to Our “can-do” approach will enable us to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and become a partner of choice.


  • People We are one team, and we recognize that our success is only possible through the collaborative efforts of our peopl We will develop our people through training, reward performance and create a working environment in which our people are challenged, motivated, satisfied and accountable for their work.


  • Respect– We will operate with a respect and concern for the environment, the community, and the people with whom we work, and will aim to minimize the impact of our activities.

Business Work Values

  • Fairness, Impartiality & Mutual Respect should prevail in our dealings with each
  • Transparency, Honesty & Openness in our work to ensure traceability & clarity.
  • Maintaining Confidentiality strengthens our mutual reliability and credibility and gains the respect of our clients
  • Customer Satisfaction, the prime objective of our dealings at every level.
  • Orientation, in which we strive for Continuous Improvemen
  • Performance, supported by Accountability for our actions.
  • Innovation & Flexibility in our development of markets, utilizing new techniques and services. Leadership in developing and communicating purpose and goals & providing direction and s Quality & Excellence in getting things right the first time every time.
  • Ownership by encouraging Commitment & Understanding of the Company’s goals,
  • Safety Standards to be maintained through training and encourage interest and enthusiasm in safe worki
  • Team Work, in knowing what we expect of each other and how to work best with & support our colleagues towards a common vision with proper strategy.
  • Discipline & Punctuality within all the work activities and regulations.


Being committed to the above mentioned values, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE will create a working environment which is effective, productive & healthy, that offers a sense of security and a scope for growth.


Such commitment will urge the Management, to spare no effort, to ensure Employee’s satisfaction & motivation.

Our Strength

  1. Professionally Qualified and Experienced Management Team


  1. Qualified and Experienced Administrative and Project Staff


  1. Strong team of skilled workforce


  1. One aim, on target


  1. Result-oriented approach


  1. Friendly, but proffesional relationship


HS&E Policy Statement

  1. Mofarreh Marzouq Al-Harbi & Partners Company Limited (MMAH) considers successful health, safety, quality and environmental management to be of prime importance to its business and is committed to continual improvement in health, safety, quality and environmental sta


  1. It is the stringent policy of MMAH to:


  • Pursue high standards of health, safety, quality and environmental management as an integral part of efficient management of the business and ensure that decisions take account of and integrate health, safety, quality and environmental requirements;
  • Comply with all legislative requirements pertaining to health, safety and the environment as the minimum standard;


  1. Develop systems and procedures that deliver the high standards of integration sought, and in particular provide for:
  • Well maintained plant and systems of work that are safe and without risk to health or the environment;
  • Suitable arrangements for the selection, use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances;
  • Adequate information, instruction , training and supervision to enable work to be carried out safely, and without risk to the environment, by persons with the necessary competence;
  • Safe premises and work places, including access to and egress from them;
  • Safe and healthy working environments with adequate welfare facilities;
  • Designs which recognize, include and apply safe practice and which consider environmental impact, during preparation, construction and subsequent operational use and maintenance after completion of the project;
  • Prevention of polluting emissions to air, land or water;
  • Control of noise, dust, smell, vibration, traffic movement or other nuisance or environmental effects which may cause offence to the local community or environment;
  • Waste minimization ;
  • Communications, health surveillance and advisory facilities as required .
  1. Develop and review clear safety, health, quality and environmental performance indicators including:
  • accident and incident performance;
  • annual safety, health and environmental objectives;
  • training achievement;
  • Customer satisfactio audits.
  1. Review and , if necessary, revise this policy on an annual basis.


  1. The MMAH Board of Directors has the overall responsibility for this policy.


  1. MMAH will produce and update detailed organization and arrangements, and all necessary resources will be made available, for the implementation of this policy.


  1. It is the responsibility of management and employees to implement this policy together with their collective and individual responsibilities.


MMAH will enforce competent health, safety, quality and environmental system to achieve our vision: Zero injuries + Zero environmental harm + Zero Damage = Zero Harm.

Our Policy & Objectives


Mofarreh Marzouq Al-Harbi & Partners Company Limited (MMAH) are committed to getting it right first time, every time, and to operate every aspect of the business that consistently offers the highest possible standards of quality and service.

MMAH’s quality policy is to achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing services which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers.

This level of quality is achieved through adoption of a system of procedures that reflect the competence of the Company to existing customers, potential customers, and independent auditing authorities.

Achievement of this policy involves all staff, who is individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continually improving working environment for all.

To achieve and maintain the required level of assurance the MMAH retains responsibility for the Quality System with routine operation controlled by the well-versed Quality Management Team.

The objectives of the Quality Assurance System are:

  • To maintain an effective Quality Assurance System complying with International Standard ISO9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems-QMS).
  • To achieve and maintain a level of quality which enhances the Company’s reputation with customers.
  • To ensure compliance with relevant statutory and safety requirements.
  • To endeavor, at all times, to maximize customer satisfaction with the services provided by MMAH.

Best practice procedures through continual review, improvement and implementation of our quality control management system. This is to ensure that we operate effectively and efficiently to meet or exceed the needs of our customers.

Our endeavors to assure the best quality engineering services to our customers have won us a repertoire of reputed clients. Backed by a team of experts and established facilities for construction industry, we offer a range of utility of services to our clients, well known in their definite work domain which enables us to fulfill bulk demands of our clients within the pre-determined time frame.

Business Principals & Ethics




Business Principles of MMAH


The foundation of MMAH’s ongoing success and development lies in preserving the trust of our customers, employees, suppliers’, stakeholders/partners and other third parties. Our flexible, decentralized organization enables each and every one of our employees to exercise the autonomy required by our respective corporate responsibilities in accordance with the distinct characteristics of each location. Six basic values are held in common by all of the employees of the MMAH. These employees work at every level of the organization, in captioned business units in all parts of the nation, which are all on a human scale and form part of the fabric of local communities. As part of the MMAH, we abide by these simple values:



Entrepreneurship             Each employee should show initiative and be motivated by a desire to win, to commit and to succeed


Responsibility                    Each individual is fully accountable for his decisions and actions.


Trust                                     Relations within the MMAH are based on trust, which is the cornerstone of autonomy, frankness                                                         authenticity. It is for each person to establish and develop his or her trustworthiness.


Respect                                                Respect is the basic rule of behavior that guides every employee in all his actions: respect for                                                              oneself and respect for other employees, customers, third parties, the trade unions, society at                   large, the MMAH’s principles, laws and regulations, the environment, fairness and ethics in the                                                        broadest sense.


Setting an example          Each  day,  every  employee  is  expected  to  give  the  best  of  themselves,  to  strive  constantly                                                       for quality  and  to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism.


Humility                                                Through continual self-questioning and by maintaining a humble attitude, each employee is always                                                      able to advance.


The following guidelines enable everyone to proceed in line with our policy when he is confronted with a specific situation. However, these guidelines cannot possibly foresee every situation which our employees may encounter; we must often rely on common sense in the pursuit of our goals. These principles apply to everyone who works with MMAH throughout the Saudi Arabia.


Human Resources


Our actions are guided by fundamental respect for each man and woman in our company. Efficiency, motivation and personal satisfaction are enhanced by open dialogue, quality working conditions, the integration of new employees, training, promotion and the passing on of experience.




Improving safety is an ongoing commitment. Our target is simple: zero accidents. MMAH is constantly researching and testing new approaches to workplace and transportation safety and modifying their accident prevention systems using a wide variety of innovative methods to enhance our culture of safety.







Respecting and protecting the environment are inherent in the MMAH’s responsible attitude and lead to technical innovations in this area. MMAH is committed to being a responsible organization and we constantly look to improve our business activities to ensure that our companies are responsible stewards of our natural resources. Ensuring energy efficiency and maximizing the use of recycled products is fundamental in each of our subsidiaries.


Responsible Development


A leader in the construction industry, MMAH aim to improve the quality of life, facilitate the movement of people and goods and contribute to economic development, thus helping to meet the essential needs and aspirations in the communities we serve. This contribution must be responsible, addressing the concerns and contradictions of present day societies: in particular, social cohesion, environmental protection and climate change. Awareness of these changes, the implementation of measures to tackle the issues, and the MMAH’s long-standing commitment to exemplary corporate citizenship are grouped under the concept of “responsible development”, that we deem to be a more appropriate term for the corporate world than “sustainable development”.


Research and Quality


Ongoing research enables the MMAH to pursue and develop its technical capacity. Every action must contribute to the quality of our products and our work, thus ensuring customer satisfaction. To demonstrate its determination in this field, the MMAH is progressing towards more ISO certifications.




MMAH employees are committed to “doing the right thing in the right way”. Each day we strive to make this part of our culture and to ensure that this approach takes precedence over short-term profits or simple convenience. To achieve this end, we avoid any actions or activities that could call into question our reputation, integrity or impartiality. For example, in every relationship with third parties, clients and suppliers, the men of the MMAH keep their word and fulfill their agreements. Likewise, we are committed to delivering our products and services on time, within budget and according to our customers’ requirements and specifications. Finally, all of our subsidiaries not only comply with the letter but also spirit of all laws and regulations affecting our businesses.


There must be no conflict of interest (or even an appearance of one) between the role of the employees in the company and any personal activity they may have. We also expect our subcontractors, business partners and suppliers to adhere to the same ethical principles that we live and work by.


Each employee must also ask questions and promptly raise any concerns they may have regarding any proposed course of action. If something does not seem right, we expect our employees to speak up!


To further our commitment to ethics, we are certified member of Business Chamber of Commerce Industry. This organization brings together, in a non-profit, private association, companies within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia construction industry that are committed to the highest level of ethics and conduct and compliance with the Saudi Arabian law. This association benefits us by providing numerous training opportunities for our employees.


Information and Communication


Accuracy and quality in the exchange of information underlie the MMAH’s approach to management.


Communication — excluding confidential information-is clear and transparent. The staff, suppliers’, and any other third party who may be interested are informed of the MMAH’s activities.


Community Relations


For quite some time, MMAH have been observing a strategy of vertical integration whereby they increasingly expedite much of their construction services. Recognizing the importance of being a good neighbor and the issues inherent in the operations at these construction sites, our subsidiaries are making major efforts to make their facilities as environmentally-friendly as possible and to develop an ongoing dialogue with local residents. Our MMAH believes that dialogue is essential to understanding the needs of local communities, explaining exactly what MMAH do and constructively working toward mutual understanding and satisfaction to prevent crisis situations in remote areas.




MMAH understands the importance of a customer-focused approach and are committed to delivering services that directly address our customers’ needs. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with customers and other strategic partners to promote safe, innovative and sustainable solutions.


Whether it is for public or private customers, large or small, national or local, our companies can locally deliver site construction, development and maintenance solutions while at the same time drawing from worldwide resources and expertise.


Thanks to our diverse range of construction services, we are able to offer our customers tailor-made solutions backed by state of the art research & innovation with continual improvements.


Our vast system of construction operations also allows us to add considerable value to our customers. It enables us to manage every aspect of the construction value chain and therefore ensure the on-time delivery of quality services safely.


Our diverse capabilities and rich professional network also allow  us to support massive projects  from conception and funding procurement through final delivery, operations, and long-term maintenance. For each project, we can offer the most effective delivery method whether traditional bid-build method, design-build, public-private partnership, asset management and/or construction management.


Equipment Fleet




Company Owned Equipment(s)


Current Number of Units

1 Dump Truck 150
2 Trailer 59
3 Boom Truck 34
4 Forklift 26
5 Hydraulic Rough Terrain Crane 14
6 Bobcat 16
7 Paver Machine 14
8 Roller Compactor 29
9 Excavator 28
10 Motor Grader 20
11 Backhoe Loader 21
12 Wheel Loader 45
13 Bulldozer 51
14 Asphalt Tanker 12
15 Low bed Trailer 17
16 Diesel Tanker 18
17 Flat bed Trailer 19
18 Bus 18
19 Jack Hammer 16
20 Fiber Tanker Trailer 15
21 Generator Set 31
22 Sewage Tanker 13
23 Water Well Pump 23
24 Hand Roller 15
25 Welding Machine 20
26 Trailer Container Chassis 21
27 Bitumen Tanker 16
28 Mobile Tower Light Set 31
29 Air Compressor Unit 12
30 Water Truck (Regular) 24
31 Water Tanker 29
32 Cars 90
33 Asphalt Roller 16
34 Lathe Machine 12
35 Asphalt Cutter 14
36 Plate Compactor 10
37 Vibrator 18
38 Man Lift 14


Superior Construction Services

As an unmatched trusted leader in the construction industry our teams provide a wide range of construction services on both large and small projects nationwide.

We are a true solutions provider capable of taking on the most challenging projects, providing leadership, innovation and expertise and providing high quality, efficient and responsible construction solutions to the markets and customers we serve. Our vertical integration into construction materials also enables us to bring further added value to all the projects we participate in.

As the needs of our customers have resulted in more complex projects, we have created a project management platform that is fully capable of supporting larger and more complex projects using innovative project delivery vehicles such as design/build, construction management, public-private partnerships, and long-term asset management contracts.

Our management team has experience with each of these delivery methods and has supported our operating companies in various projects using these models from the planning and financing stages to final delivery and operation.

Over the past few years, our customers’ budgets have come under tremendous pressure while environmental expectations have increased. In response, we have intensified our efforts into cost effective solutions benefiting the customers’ and decreasing the investment of capital.

Our philosophy of coupling worldwide resources with local connections means that we bring a wealth of knowledge and solutions to every project and customer, but also provide local, hands-on support with trained personnel, specialized equipment, and high quality construction materials close to every project. All of our companies and initiatives complement each other into a highly efficient network that enables us to provide our customers with safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

We are able to offer our customers’ a wide range of services which include but not limited to:

Specialized in Civil (Site Preparation & Development)

Electrical and Instrumentation Drilling & Work Over (Oil & Gas)
Mechanical Well Site(s) & Access Roads Construction
Industrial Rig Operations related Services
Infrastructural Planting & Garden Coordination works
Construction of Roads, Bridges, Flyovers & Dams Transportation
Technical & Telecommunication Works Off-Shore & Onshore Activities
General Contracting of Buildings Underground Utilities-Water & Sanitary Works

Heavy Equipment & Machinery Rental


MMAH provides whole-life sustainable solutions for building and infrastructure projects from initial business case, through design, procurement and delivery into ongoing aftercare – creating, constructing and maintaining physical assets that underpin the fabric of society.

Our approach is to provide customer focused service, working collaboratively in true partnership with design teams to deliver our customers’ requirements and to form long term relationships with our customers and our supply chain.

The MMAH name is synonymous with; integrity, reliability, professional management expertise and the delivery of high quality construction projects. We have an excellent track record of successful project delivery and we are proud to have contributed to the development of Saudi Arabia though completion of many landmark projects over the years.

MMAH has entered into partnership with leading multinational companies as unified global partners that provides a range of construction related services, across public and private sectors of the country and internationally. Through this partnership MMAH shall provide a combination of local knowledge & experience, management expertise and a professional service supported by management systems and procedures. This well-established partnership helps MMAH as one of the leading construction and services companies in the Saudi Arabia.


Our businesses secure the majority of turnover through repeat business from clients of both local and international reputation, reflecting our very successful track record with consistent delivery on time, cost, and safety with high quality.

Our approach is to work with our clients in long-term relationships, delivering our services from resources drawn from across our business. The focus of our approach is on understanding and satisfying our clients’ needs.

Increasingly, we work through early contractor involvement (ECI) open book arrangements, providing supply-chain transparency and demonstrating the added value of our management, planning, coordination and cost control abilities.

MMAH is committed to continuous improvement and delivering best value throughout our operations. We have a strong presence in the Saudi Arabia, where we have delivered many high profile projects.

In addition to building and infrastructure expertise, we offer a range of services within the construction and support services sectors – providing diversity and strength to our operations.


  • Project and program


  • Design and design managemen


  • Partnering and collaborative working with clients and supply chain.


  • Effective leadership and manag


  • Creation of sustainable solutions.


  • Innovative thinking, translating into best value for our clients.


  • Excellent technical skill


  • Creation of a safe, healthy working environment


We are committed to serve our customers with the trademark services of MMAH. Challenges of diversifications are characteristic of the spirit of MMAH. Innovation at the grass root level is the hallmark of the company’s growth and development. With a non- conventional and a non-conformist approach, the company has made an outstanding success over the years.

Moreover, we will always remain true to our remarkable founding values of quality honesty and hard work. We ensure to provide the very best personal attention and care are equally distributed. We are confident of receiving your patronage and assuring you of our best services, attention at all times.


Thank you.


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